King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center is a pioneer in the implementation of this type of care. It has established the first ever Palliative Care Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s. Since then, our expertise has never stopped to grow with only one goal in mind: to provide you and your family with the best care possible.

Our team is composed of experiences and specialized physicians, nurses, and other professionals. We work in close collaboration with your main treating team and other healthcare providers to optimize your wellbeing, no matter what choices you are making in terms of treatments.

Our service include:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Consultation service for hospitalized patients
  • Specialized unit
  • Collaboration with home health care


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Areas of Research

Motivated by a willingness to provide you with the best care

Our Palliative Care Team members are interested in various research areas. The elaboration of clinical tools, analysis about how to overcome current obstacles to provide palliative care in Saudi Arabia and the specificities to take into consideration while caring for Muslim persons are just a few examples.

We are always engaged in new research projects.

Ongoing researches and projects

  • Quality of Pain Assessment for Emergency Department Nurses and Physicians at a Tertiary Hospital
    • The results of this study will disclose any barriers and needs for improving pain assessment and management in the Emergency and inform practitioners and researchers about possible interventions to address such needs.
    • Primary investigators: Gassan Abudari & Dina Aljawi, RN
  • Implementation of the use Arabic Questionnaire of Symptom Assessment (AQSA)
    • The AQSA is a tool that can be used by healthcare providers to better assess your uncomfortable symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue, anxiety) and help in relieving them. It has been specifically designed for Arabic speakers and is now being used in various countries.
    • Responsible: Dr Al-Shahri
  • Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitude Towards Pain
    • The goal of this project is to get a better understanding on how to improve the knowledge and abilities of nurses to better relieve your pain.
    • Conducted by the Palliative Care & Pain Management Nursing Teams