The objective of the medical records services department is to accurately and comprehensively document the previous and current medical history of patients that include test results, therapeutic & diagnostic procedures, and the response to treatment. The department also ensures confidentiality of patients’ reports and records. The medical records are used by health care providers for quality assurance and educational purposes, in accordance with the legal guidelines of the hospital.

Release of medical Information:
The Release of Information section is considered as an integral part of the medical records services department, located in the basement of the outpatient clinics building, north tower lobby, and King Abdullah Center for Oncology and Liver Diseases in Riyadh, and in the Utility Building for Jeddah Branch.
The medical records services department offers the following services:
• Copies medical reports
• Sick leave reports
• Proof of patient’s visit to the hospital
• Proof of companionship.
• Notification of birth and death.

Authorization of Releasing of Health Information:
As part of the responsibility we undertake to protect the privacy of our patients and confidentiality of their information, we follow strict guidelines regarding releasing health information. Hence, patients are provided copies of medical information only after filling the written authorization form and providing necessary identification.

General Information:

  • All reports are written in English language.
  • Certain reports are translated into Arabic according to the hospital policy.
  • Issuing a sick leave certificate of 30 days will require ten working days; therefore, a temporary sick notice is provided until the authorized certificate is issued.
  • You can get the patient’s visit confirmation through appointments and registration offices.

You can also get your Health Information through the electronic portal for patients "Altakhassusi " or the application " Altakhassusi ".

If the required information is not readily available, you can place a request and leave your email address or mailing address. The requested information will be mailed, as soon as it is available.