Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology


Department of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology provides care for children
(0-13.99 years) with cancer and blood disorders.

In conjunction with Department of Metabolic Diseases and Genetics, we provide genetic counseling where considered appropriate.

Our Specialties:

Leukemia/Lymphoma: strives to standardize the care of children with acute and chronic leukemias, myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative syndromes Hodgkin’s disease, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and other lymphoproliferative disorders

Solid Tumors: has three programs; Solid Tumors, Neuro/Oncology and Histiocytosis. The Section coordinates the multidisciplinary treatment all varieties of pediatric solid tumors as needed for optimal care. 

Hematology: has two programs; Hemophilia and Hemoglobinopathy. It handles several blood disorders and cares for a large population of patients with Bone Marrow Failure especially Fanconi Pancytopenia Syndrome

Stem Cell Transplantatio: provides care for children in need of Stem Cell Transplant. The program performs more than 100 stem cell transplants per year, for patients with various malignancies and non-malignant haematological disorders as well as for immune deficiency and metabolic diseases.

We have our Central Data Unit and its primary goal is to provide support for clinical research into childhood cancers and blood disorders providing statistical and data management services to support research programs.

Frequent Procedures

  • Bone Marrow Harvest
  • Bone Marrow Aspirate +/- Biopsy
  • Lumbar Puncture +/- Intrathecal Therapy