The Physical Therapy Department provides both physical therapy and occupational therapy services to in-patient and out-patient adult and pediatric patients. Evaluation and treatment are offered to patients with neurological, orthopedic, arthritic, cardiac, developmental delay, lymphedema, organ transplant, women’s health, men’s health, and oncology problems and acute or prolonged physical dysfunction or pain. The department provides a number of take-away home supplies for patients, like lumbar rolls, wrist splints, elbow supports, knee splints, heel and foot pads, canes, walkers, crutches, and cast boots.

Our staff are experts in their field and all of them hold bachelor degrees, clinical specializations or extensive training in a specific practice area such as sports, neurology, oncology, organ transplant, women’s health, men’s health and pediatrics.

Physical and occupational therapy services are available for both inpatients & outpatients on a daily basis from Sunday to Wednesday, 7:30am to 5.00pm; Thursday, 7:30am to 4.00pm. Weekend service is provided for acute post-surgical patients. In addition, home health care service is available as required.  The department also provides a number of supplies for patients including splints, and walking aids.


Physical Therapy Department Programs:

  • Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy Internship training program.
  • Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy Summer training program.
  • Rheumatology rotation for fellowship training program.



Physical Therapy Services

  • Musculoskeletal orthopaedics disorders
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation (TKR, THR, ACL, ORIF , Spinal and general surgery)
  • Short Term-Neuro-rehabilitation
  • Oncology cases (general & lymphedema treatment)
  • Post Cardiac Surgery (CABG)
  • Women’s Health & Men’s health.
  • Developmental Delay & other pediatric conditions.