Respiratory Therapy


Respiratory Care Services provides a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week service in Emergency, Critical Care and General Ward areas which includes the following:

oxygenation & ventilation support outside Operating Rooms, administration of medical gases (Oxygen, Nitric Oxide, Heliox), inhaled medications delivery, airway humidification, emergency assistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, monitoring patient's physiological responses to therapy, lung expansion therapy and pulmonary toilet, blood gas analysis, pulmonary function laboratory studies, assistance with patient discharge planning, asthma education and smoking cessation services, family and patient education, and home mechanical ventilation program. 


  • To provide a caliber of service reflective of a modern, full-service cardio-pulmonary department.
  • To recruit and retain professionally-credentialed, competent and versatile personnel to deliver the highest possible standard of patient care and services.
  • To foster and maintain an atmosphere of confidence and purpose within the Service, and a reputation for expertise and professionalism within the facility.
  • To standardize departmental procedures and equipment to ensure that therapy and testing is completed with maximum efficiency and benefit to the patient.
  • To review and adapt current Respiratory Care practices, on an ongoing basis, in order to enhance the quality of the patient care delivered.
  • To ensure technical competence through in-service education, competency-based assessment and testing, current professional literature, and ongoing review of all provided services.
  • To supply physicians and other Health Care Providers with timely and accurate clinical information via objective charting and verbal reports.
  • To secure and maintain the equipment and resources necessary for the management of all routine and emergency procedures within our sphere of responsibility.
  • To encourage and facilitate Respiratory-based education, skills and competency throughout the facility via leadership and participation in interdisciplinary educational activities.
  • To impart knowledge of disease processes, medical therapy and self-help via patient and family educational activities.