KFSH&RC Experience Ambassador Program




What is The KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Program?

The Experience Office Division is introducing the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Program to support the Organization to achieve one of its Strategic Objectives; “Deliver world-class customer experience, safety, and quality of care to our patients”; moreover, to increase the Overall KFSH&RC Patient Satisfaction Scores, and to brand the KFSH&RC Experience to become the number (1) specialized healthcare provider of choice for every patient.


Who are the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors?

Since Collaboration and Accountability are one of our Organization’s values, the Experience Office Division requested from all divisions/departments to nominate a group of individuals who are potentially fit to be KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors. 

The final list of qualified Ambassadors went through two prerequisites:

  1. Taking Personality Assessment Tool designed to capture ability, competencies, and behavior.
  2. Attending a customized Training for the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Program delivered by our Partners “MEGA” to provide them with the required tools and information related to their role and responsibilities as KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors.

The 1st group for the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Program is a multidisciplinary team representing everyone in the Organization.


What are the Role and Responsibilities of the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors?

  • Lead Patient Experience best practices implantation in their department and remind the team of the best practices.
  • Lead/participate in Patient Experience Projects in all/any of their phases across the Organization as assigned by the PXA Program Core Team.
  • Own the moment- by continuously educating and coaching their area/unit employees on patient experience behavioral standards “service standards”.
  • Monitor their area/unit patient experience scores and ensure implementation of performance improvement projects to address areas of concerns.
  • Communicate all messages and marketing material from the Experience Office Division to their team.
  • Conduct periodical rounding in various areas of the hospital to identify and rectify issues related to the physical environment as assigned by the PXA Program Core Team.
  • Conduct Secret shopper rounds as assigned by the PXA Program Core (In Process)


What are the Focus Dimensions for the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Program?

  1. Physical Appearance/Environment
  2. Behavior
  3. Processes/Systems
  4. Raising Awareness about the initiatives of the Experience Office Division to ensure sustainability


Let’s Meet the KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors

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KFSH&RC Experience Ambassadors Success Stories and Achievements