Wheelchair initiative 

Wheelchairs are an integral part of patient care and like many hospitals, KFSH&RC may sometimes face challenges due to their unavailability.

To minimize the ensuing negative impact on patient experience as shortage of wheelchairs means a lack of transportation option for patients, the Experience Office Division was tasked to address the issue.

The project was assigned to a team from the Experience Ambassador Program to look into, explore opportunities and implement an effective, sustainable wheelchair management solution.


The Solutions:

  1. Wheelchairs were tagged using RFID technology 
  2. Tracking system in place for wheelchairs not in use
  3. Identified pick-up and drop-off stations
  4. Map display of wheelchair stations
  5. Wheelchair visibility - New and visible signs installed
  6. Keeping a comprehensive system of patient flow for efficient wheelchair management​​​​​​​
  7. ​​​​​​​Proper inventory management and tracking