KFSH&RC PX Elevate



What is the PX Elevate -The Patient Experience Measurement Webinar Series?

In partnership with our colleagues from Health-Links powered by Press Ganey, the Experience Office Division has launched “PX Elevate - The Patient Experience Measurement Webinar Series” for the year of 2022. The aim is to provide ALL KFSH&RC staff an overview of the Patient Experience Measurement Program and the application of best practices to improve their respective department’s experience scores.


Who can attend these sessions?

These sessions are for EVERYONE.


What is the schedule for these sessions?

Mark your calendar on the following dates/times to attend the virtual webinar series to improve the Patient Experience. Each session is a different Topic.





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Wednesday 27 July, 2022




Utilizing Patient Experience Data and Priority Index to Drive Improvements


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Wednesday 28 September, 2022






Patient Experience Measurement and Driving Empathy



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Wednesday 30 November, 2022






KFSH&RC Patient Experience Measurement Current State



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 If I have a specific question, how can I share it with you?

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email us through kfshexperience@kfshrc.edu.sa 


Can we have access to the Questions and Answers during the sessions?

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If you want to know more information about Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Ratings, please click here.