Requesting Evaluation Report through Sehaty




King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre is pleased to announce launching a new feature to Patients Electronic Portal "Sehaty" that allows the patients to request the Medical Evaluation Report directly from Sehaty website without the need to visit the hospital.

This new feature will have a valuable impact in terms of enhancing the patient experience by giving the ability to request the Medical Evaluation Report online, and save time and efforts of the patients and staff.

The patient will be able to request one medical evaluation report per year from his/her primary physician and the reason of requesting the report.

Noting that the system will reject the request and asks the patient to call or visit the Medical Records Department if needed in one of the following cases:

a. If the patient has a pending request

b. If the patient has an issued Medical Evaluation or Discharge Summary in the system within the last year

c. If the patient is new (6 months old record)

d. Patient status is inactive (discharged from the systems) for more than one year.


For more information about how to request the medical evaluation report from "Sehaty", please follow the steps in the attached document.