The Health Sector Transformation Program Praises the Initiatives of KFSH&RC




The Health Sector Transformation Program praised the KFSHRC’s advancements and achievements in implementing and executing the targeted initiatives and projects, in both, the operational and institutional transformation initiatives. These initiatives are one of the initiatives of the Health Sector Transformation Program in Vision 2030, in the context of the transitional phase of transformation into an independent, not-for-profit institution.

The Health Sector Transformation Program awarded a certificate of appreciation to the General Organization of KFSH&RC as a result of the outstanding and continuous performance of the Organization’s initiatives and contribution to achieving the goals of Vision 2030.

His Excellency, the Chief Executive Officer of KFSH&RC, Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh, MD, MMM, explained that since the start of the transformation journey in 2017, the Organization has based its strategic plan on supporting the program’s progress, which will provide a key for the future by contributing to “improving the quality and efficiency of health services” as one of The objectives of the Health Sector Transformation Program for Vision 2030.

Dr. Al Fayyadh confirmed that the Organization seeks to become among the list of the top 10 health institutions around the world, through the implementation of two initiatives of the Organization; The first is the institutional transformation initiative into an independent, not-for-profit institution, and the other is the operational transformation initiative, which aims to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of operational services by applying international best practices and enabling self-sustainability by enhancing the independence of the institution, pointing to the achievement of 84% of the objectives of the two initiatives, including:

- Establishing a clinical robotic surgery system, which is used in organ transplantation, cardiology, and urology programs. The importance of the program lies in performing complex surgeries with high accuracy and results comparable to international achievements, and the hospital is among the top 5 global centers in robotic heart surgery.

- Innovative techniques were used to perform heart valve replacement surgeries, and (88) endoscopic valve replacement surgeries were performed with a 100% success rate.

- The number of organ transplant operations increased in the first half of 2021 to (670) operations, which is double what was the number of operations for the year 2020.

- Inauguration of the Automated Microbiology Laboratory, automating procedures by 95% by using the latest equipment in biology tests, reducing treatment costs and the duration of treatment with high quality, and the number of procedures provided in the laboratory reached 1590 procedures.

- Rehabilitation of 28 patients through the implantation of heart devices, which contributed to reducing the number of readmissions of patients through the emergency by 6% and through the clinic of heart devices by 20%.

- Reaching the best average of patient hospitalization by approximately 9 days, at a rate less than the previous years by (15%), which helped provide services for (5,388) additional patients of delicate cases, and an additional 153 beds were increased, and the quality and safety of care was improved.

- Producing 69 radioactive pharmaceuticals during the year 2020, for the purposes of diagnosing and treating cancer diseases and gland tumors.

- The efficiency improvement initiative has achieved financial savings estimated at (271) million riyals, through several initiatives to increase operational efficiency and apply spending efficiency standards, while maintaining the highest standards of health care.

- The Research Centre at KFSH also achieved first place in the number of research published in the Kingdom, and third in the Middle East, with a citation index of 22.47 citations for each scientific paper, which exceeds the global average of 14.45, and close to the citation index in the United States of 24.66 The Research Centre has also witnessed an estimated (8%) increase in scientific publications annually.


These achievements are an overview of the Organization’s transformation program, which is in line with the ambitious plans and vision prepared for it, as work is still underway to expand the field of medical tourism, localize treatment, biotechnology, increase capacity, expand medical centers of excellence, develop competencies and raise operational efficiency. the vision is to have the organization at the top of the list of the world's largest specialized medical institutions.