KFSH&RC Provides Various Programs to Promote Saudi Nursing





Conducts an Open Day to attract Nurses

KFSH&RC Provides Various Programs to Promote Saudi Nursing


The Chief Operating Officer of King Faisal Specialist Hospital And Research Centre in Riyadh, Dr. Rashed Al-Rashed Al-Hmaid said that the Hospital provides many training and development opportunities for Saudi nurses across all disciplines and levels of nursing. This approach of attracting distinct students and new graduates comes as part of an effort to integrate the Saudization program for Nursing in order to maintain the support required for connecting knowledge with practice and implementation.

During the Opening of the Fifth Saudi Nursing Event, Dr. Al-Hmaid added that the Hospital is eager to strengthen the nursing capacities through engagement in several training courses inside and outside KSA, aiming to build a new generation with competence, efficiency and specialization in all aspects of nursing. He also shed light on allowing the internal and external scholarship for excellent specialists based on key competencies, in order to achieve the Hospital’s mission of serving patients with the highest levels of specialized healthcare in an integrated educational and research environment.

Dr. Al Hmaid said that King Faisal Specialist Hospital And Research Centre provides career support and professional guidance to its staff in line with the Organization future insight in order to achieve its goals and objectives to be a pioneer Oraganization in the health industry worldwide, expressing pride in the elite Saudis who work in nursing. He mentioned that the Hospital’s aspirations to attract more personnel to fill the current and future gap are the result of its expanding projects.

The Saudi Nursing Event included many lectures that highlight the critical role of nursing in KFSH&RC, in addition to establishing various services provided by different nursing departments that aim at promote qualified Saudi male and female nurses, apart from raising awareness in the community regarding specialization in the nursing field.