Dr. Qasim Al Qasabi: “KFSh&RC” Provided Specialized Treatment Services To 7000 Patients with Swallowing and Communication Impairment




His Excellency Dr. Qasim Al-Qasabi, Chief Executive Officer of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh emphasized the vital role of the Speech Language Pathology Department.  Treating the vocal rehabilitation of laryngectomy and swallowing disorders for all ages. He explained that more than 7000 patients had benefited from the specialised services, offered by the Speech Language Pathology Department by end of last year.

In his speech during the Awareness Month for Communication & Swallowing, Dr. Al Qasabi praised the high standard of specialist care in Speech Therapy and Swallowing Disorders treatment at the main hospital as well as King Fahad National Centre for Children’s Cancer. He added that the Department offers communication development services for children, behavioral and organic causes of swallowing difficulties, and treatment for stuttering children. This is in addition to identifying the symptoms and rehabilitation for adults’ speech difficulties due to nerve disorders and swallowing difficulties treatment.

He pointed out to the fact that the Speech Language Pathology Department, which started in 1982 with one specialist, has grown to have 14 specialists at present, offering specialized care which cover cases referred from all hospital departments.  The Speech Language Pathology Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh presented specialized awareness lectures and activities in the Hospital’s Northern Tower lobby. Activities, which included awareness booth for speech and language disorders to evaluate stuttering and its treatment and others for swallowing disorders while explaining the nature of swallowing and the regular difficulties and obstacles. Another booth explained vocal disorders and their treatments in addition to a booth shared by the Saudi Speech and Audiology Society offering specialized consultations and scientific publications.