Professor Al-Zahrani Receives Distinction Award from the American Association of Endocrinology




Professor Ali Saeed Al-Zahrani, Endocrinology and Hormones Consultant at King Faisal Specialised Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh and Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at Al-Faisal University, received the International Distinction Award presented by the American Association of Endocrinology during the recently held annul conference in Orlando, USA.  

The selection of Professor Al-Zahrani was made unanimously by the Award’s Committee, which the Association of Endocrinology offers to only one doctor working outside the United States of America. He was nominated by professors from Mayo Clinic and recommended by a number of experts from Johns Hopkins University and Michigan University for his achievements and contributions in Endocrinology. 

Professor Al-Zahrani is considered to be one of the leading national competencies in Endocrinology and works as a consultant at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital since 1998. He has an extensive research portfolio which published more than 100 researches in some of the most known international periodicals. He also lectures at various international conferences and an arbitrator of researches and studies for a number of international organizations as well as European and American magazines. He is a member of the editorial board of the well-known Endocrinology diseases magazine of the American Association for Endocrinology. Professor Al-Zahrani received his specialization education at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland where he recently worked as a visiting professor and research scientist for one and a half years.