“KFSH&RC” Wins UAE International Genetic Disorders Prevention Award




King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh has won the UAE International Genetic Disorders Prevention Award in return for its scientific innovations in employing the personalized medicine methods using the Epigenetics, Genomics and Genetics research.

His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, UAE, handed over the award to KFSH Executive Director, Research Centre Dr. SULTAN AL-SUDAIRI following the convening of the 6th International Genetic Disorders Conference held in Park Hyatt Dubai Hotel, Dubai, UAE. The ceremony for presenting the UAE International Genetic Disorders Prevention Award 2016 was organized during the abovementioned Conference hosted recently by the UAE Genetic Diseases Association. 

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive officer of KFSH&RC-General Organization- Dr. Qasim Othman Al Qasabi stated that KFsh&rc pioneers the field of Genomics research and prevention of genetic diseases. He added that KFSH&RC produces annually more than 300 scientific research published in prestigious scientific journals and is at the top of the list at the national and regional levels in terms of the number and volume of research studies. It exceeds the international average rate in terms of scientific contribution and is of a distinguished record of referenced quotes and referencing citations, Dr. AL QASABI further indicated.

Dr. AL-QASABI pointed out that Medical Genetics Department annually receives about 450 new patients and delivers treatment consultancy services via a spectrum of more than 10 clinics operating in the field of genetics and metabolism-related diseases. He noted that KFSH&RC has an excellent record of successes in the field of genetic disease prevention by means of the services of consultancy on genetics, early intervention for treatment and prenatal checkups.

It is noteworthy that KFSH&RC has been selected for this award in recognition of its scientific innovativeness in employing the personalized medicine methods using the genomics and genetics research to find out the causes for genetic diseases, early diagnosis, consultancies on genetics and early intervention for treatment on basis of genetic knowledge.