“KFSHRC” Holds The Second International Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Medicine




Dr. Al-Taweel: Andrology Clinics received 3300 patients during the past 12 months

“KFSHRC” holds the Second International Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Medicine

Dr. Waleed Al-Taweel, Consultant and Chairman of Urology Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Riyadh, stated that Andrology-Infertility and Urology Clinics at the hospital have carried out medical examinations for about 3300 patients during the past twelve months.

During the events of the “Second International Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Medicine” organized by the Hospital and held for two days at the Post graduate Auditorium, Dr. Al-Taweel pointed out that about 1000 intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection- ICSIs have been conducted during the past 12 months, indicating that fertilization rate via the ICSI has been 64%, while the rate of pregnancy has been 31%.

Dr. Al-Taweel stated that the forum activities included live streaming of surgeries performed at the hospital in the field of men Reproductive and Sexual Medicine via the internal CCTV from the operating rooms to the auditoriums. The activities also included open discussions by concerned experts and specialists.

He indicated that the goal of the forum is to remain up to date with the latest developments in the field of men Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, in addition to prosthesis implant surgeries for erectile dysfunction cases, ICSIs in cases of men infertility, along with exchange of experiences in the light of the medical challenges facing this specialization, and the difficult and complex cases in that field. Dr. Al-Taweel noted that 11 speakers from inside and outside the Kingdom participated in the conference, 5 of whom are international speakers who come from America, Germany, Britain and Canada. Discussions on the whole focused on the latest medical developments in Reproductive & Sexual Medicine and its medical and surgical treatment, men infertility and its treatment. It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has accredited 16 continuing medical education CME hours for the forum attendance.