Forty-Five Research Papers were Peer Reviewed in KFSH&RC Annual Surgical Research Day




Chief Operating Officer of Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre Dr. RASHED AL-RASHED AL-HMAID inaugurated the “16th Annual Surgical Research Day”. During the Conference, 45 research papers were subjected to a rigorous evaluation through a scholarly refereeing/peer-reviewing process aimed at enhancing medical research. As a result, three (3) physicians won cash prizes in recognition of their distinguished research work.

Consultant and head of plastic surgery department at KFSH&RC Dr. ABDULAZIZ AL-JARMAN who is also the head of the organizing committee stated that the surgery research conference for this year had discussed 45 research works submitted by resident surgeons and fellowship physicians at KFSH&RC and a number of other hospitals in the Kingdom in addition to AL-FAISAL University medical students. Topics of research were focused on the latest developments in the field of surgery with its various specialties for the purpose of deepening the spirit of competition and communication in the fields of scientific research amongst resident doctors in KFSH&RC and the other hospitals in Saudi Arabia.    

“We have 23 research papers published during 2015 in the various scholarly peer reviewed international journals”, Dr. AL-JARMAN said. He added that 6 research projects have been accomplished and 18 surgical research projects have been approved. The research works published in international scholarly peer reviewed journals during the first, second and third quarters of the year 2016 amounted to 27 research studies and 36 newly approved research projects, he further elaborated. In addition, Dr. AL-JARMAN went on, there are numerous research works submitted in international medical conferences, terming the achievements in this respect as a source of pride and honor for KFSH&RC General Organization and for Surgery Department at KFSH&RC. 

During the conference of this year, Dr. TALIB KHAFAGI, consultant and head of psychology and mental health at King Fahd Medical City, participated by delivering a lecture titled “good manners in the medical working environment”.

It is noteworthy that Dr. YASSIR AL-NIMRI and Dr. GHADAH AL-KHALIFA won the award of the best resident physician while Dr. AMAL AL-HIFDHI, consultant surgeon of breast and glands/endocrines, won the prize of the best instructor physician.