Dr. AL - QASABI launched the Social Responsibility Report of King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KFSH)




His Excellency Dr. Qasim Al – Qasabi, Chief Executive Officer of the General Organization of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), launched the electronic version of the Social Responsibility Report on the website of the hospital, in English and Arabic, under the slogan of "Transformation for a Healthier Tomorrow"

The report allows everyone to access the data and information related to hospital operations in Riyadh and Jeddah for 2015 A.D. This report adopted the Global Report Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines for the preparation of sustainability and social responsibility reports.

The annual report explains the practices of the General Organization of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), in every area of sustainability and social responsibility, highlighting the achievements of the hospital in these areas during the past year, and stating in details the organization's efforts to pursue the more efficient and effective method in the organization's performance and practices adopted to achieve sustainability goals while maintaining the same level of excellence the patient receives either today or in the future.

The 56–page report reviews the organization's 2020 vision and strategic plan for the development in the areas of sustainability, which included; Corporate governance, development of work environment, environmental protection, community development, cooperation with non-governmental organizations,  sponsoring voluntary initiatives in the field of health awareness, as well as the optimal use of resources especially energy resources, wastes reduction and patient care support to achieve the principle of universal care.

The report highlighted the accreditation awards and certificates obtained by the General Organization in the year of 2015 A.D in the areas that serve the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

Dr. Nasser Al Sane'a, Director Corporate Social Responsibility Department, stated that the annual report of social responsibility of the General Organization for King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC), has listed the activities that have achieved the principles of sustainability including; the transition to electronic health services and thus protecting the environment resources by reducing the reliance on the use of paper in various transactions, enriching the patient experience by providing social, economic and awareness support in addition to home care thus achieving one of the most important goals of sustainability, which is customer support, in addition to engagement with selected  non-governmental organizations to promote the health of community and its people, supporting training and development of the organization's employees which contributed to the development of the employee and the upgrading of the organization's services, as well as developing the community through Saudization, creating career opportunities for both genders, supporting the communication tools through the establishment of an integrated center and participate through the means of social communication, taking into account the health, safety and professional comfort of the organization, maintaining high quality ethical standards through the establishment of an integrated department developed for that purpose, supporting scientific and environmental research that serve the sustainability and community, recycling of medical wastes, conserving water and energy resources, as well as environmental risks assessment and conformity with global standards for avoiding such risks”.