King Faisal Specialized Hospital & Research Centre Launches the Fourth Stage of the Digital Medical Record Program




King Faisal Specialized Hospital & Research Centre has launched the fourth stage of the Digital Medical Record Program. This project is a continuation of three projects that have been launched before this stage, and they are all parts of a massive project the organization is undergoing through to enhance the patient’s service through utilization of modern technology for better quality in health care.

The Digital Medical Record Program includes a set of computer systems that support the process of health service. These systems document the health care provided inside the patient room in Intensive Care Unit, Operation Rooms, and Anesthesia, and then update the patient medical record with all these information instantly without the need for an end user.

In addition to that, the organization has launched the Health Practitioner Human Resource system to manage all data and shifts of healthcare providers from doctors to nurses in order to ensure an organized teamwork between the medical team for better quality in the service provided.

Dr. Qasim Alqasabi, Chief Executive Officer of King Faisal Specialized Hospital &Research Centre has pointed out that these advanced health information systems will ensure the safety of the patients by minimizing the chance of medical errors as well as ensuring the best utilization of resources. As a result, achieving the best healthcare service provided to meet the organization high standards in healthcare.

According to Dr. Qasim Alqasabi, these additions to the electronic medical record system are part of a strategic plan to move from paper based to the digital working environment at King Faisal Specialized Hospital & Research Centre.

It is worth mentioning that King Faisal Specialized Hospital & Research Centre Gen.Org (Riyadh) , through Family Medicine section has achieved the Level 7 of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).Level 7 is the highest accreditation given to an organization or section for the best utilization of health information technology in healthcare and as a result , King Faisal Specialized Hospital & Research Centre Gen.Org (Riyadh) is the only health organization that achieved such accreditation outside North America and the hospital is working now to achieve this accreditation for all the internal sections.