"KFSH&RC" Adopts New Therapeutic Method in Implanting Branched Stent for a 60 Year Old Patient with Aneurysm"




A medical team at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh (KFSH&RC) succeeded in performing aortic aneurysm repair and maintaining iliac arteries by a new therapeutic method, which is implanting branched stent used for the first time in the region for a 60-year-old Saudi patient who was suffering from common hypertrophy of iliac and aortic arteries aneurysm. The iliac arteries are the primary carrier of the oxygenated blood (carrying oxygen) to the pelvis, and thus have a direct relationship to the erection capacity of the penis and the ability to walk without suffering or pain.


Dr. Faris Al-Omran, Vascular Surgery Consultant at KFSH&RC in Riyadh explained that the advanced therapeutic method in the implantation of the branched aortic stent to treat the aortic and iliac arteries enabled the patient to maintain sexual ability, prevent the pain in the buttocks and difficulties to move the lower extremities. This was done through catheterization, without surgical incision or effect for stitching in the groin area. "This procedure was applied recently in advanced medical centers in Europe and America and is considered a qualitative addition in the therapeutic methods of aneurysm compared to open surgical treatment which requires opening the abdomen or conventional treatment, which depends on the full closure of the arteries that may lead to the loss of sexual ability and difficulties in walking" He mentioned. The operation took about 3 hours and the patient left the hospital in good health after 72 hours of the implantation.


In addition, Dr. Saad Alqarni, Vascular Surgery Consultant at KFSH&RC in Riyadh and a member of the treatment team mentioned that the aneurysm in the abdomen is usually more common among men. It increases with age, as well as genetic factors and smoking that contribute to the spread of it. He also added that "15,000 deaths a year were registered in America due to internal bleeding caused by the explosion of these aneurysms".


It is worth mentioning that the branched stent is a qualitative global leap in the treatment of aneurysm and enables the perfusion of vital organs such as liver, kidney, intestines and iliac arteries without the need for traditional surgical treatment. KFSH&RC is one of the international medical institutions that is coping with such development, as the Vascular Surgery Department comprises leading medical competencies.