Dr. Al Fayyadh Inaugurates Bone Health Awareness Day in KFSH&RC




Dr. AlZayed: “KFSH&RC" conducted 70 accurate bone surgeries for patients in their areas in less than a year


Dr. Zayed Alzayed, Head of Orthopedic Department, KFSH&RC, Riyadh asserted that the medical teams at the Orthopedic Department conducted 70 specialized surgical procedures for adults and children since the beginning of the calendar year 2017 until the end of November. The surgeries focused on scoliosis as well as back and joints pain of patients in a number of hospitals in different regions of the Kingdom through the Health Outreach Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


Dr. Alzayed pointed out during the inaugurating of the “3rd Bone Health Awareness Day” by Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh, Chief Executive Officer of KFSH&RC and Dr. Rashid Al-Rashed Al-Humaid, Chief Operating Officer, that the event’s activities focused on the risk of using sedative pain killers, patient rehabilitation before and after joint replacement operations, the early detection of hip dislocation in children and patient’s protection from the side  effects of the use of radiation in diagnosis and treatment.


He added that the event introduced the distinctive programs offered by the Orthopedic Department through the Joint Health Outreach services in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. These distinctive programs are field visits, surgical operations, health awareness and training surgeons in hospitals in different regions of the Kingdom.


Dr. Al Zayed also added that during the past seven years representing the age of KFSH&RC Orthopedics Bank, which is the only bank of its kind in the region, more than 1000 Bone transplantation operations were conducted. 


The "Bone Health Awareness Day" Activities included multiple booths; nutrition, physical and occupational therapy, prostheses, orthopedics bank, surgery department, radiation and splint care, pain clinic and orthopedic inpatients. Participating health care specialists stressed on the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, calcium-rich nutrition, and adequate exposure to sunlight in order to maintain bone health.