KFSH&RC Honors 12 Employees as Part of The "Great Catch" to Promote a Culture of Patient Safety




As part of the “Great Catch” launched in the last quarter of 2017, Dr. Saleh Al Mofada, the Chief Operating Officer of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, honored 12 employees from different departments for their contribution in monitoring and reporting possible medical errors (that were avoided) to protect the patients.


Dr. Saleh Al Mofada stressed that the “Great Catch” indicates the fact that KFSH&RC-Riyadh is highly responsible organization that seeks to create a safe work environment free of accidents to beneficiaries through systematic methods and procedures. He lauded the results of this campaign and appreciated the contribution of all departments for applying the concept of being a highly responsible organization.


In the meantime, snapshots that were appreciated by the executive leadership of the hospital of the programs were presented to a number of honored employees.


Dr. Mohammed Hijazi, Chief Quality Officer at the KFSH&RC said that the participants' sharing of their experiences in the “Great Catch” indicated that the mission of the hospital is the key driver of the highest quality work, which is to provide the highest level of specialized health care in a holistic educational and research environment. He mentioned that the “Great Catch” aimed at encouraging health practitioners to report medical errors that could have been caused to the patients but were avoided; these errors were shared with all employees of the hospital to raise awareness and prevention of the same in the future. The program was also intended for helping the concerned departments in the hospital to identify and design mechanisms, policies, and regulations to ensure that these potential errors are not committed. All efforts should be made to get rid of such errors and make patients stress-free. The program also aimed to enhance safety and security for the employees of the general organization of KFSH&RC and that reporting of potential medical errors becomes the usual practice for all.


Dr. Hijazi elaborated that the departments of nursing, pharmaceutical care, medical & clinical affairs, and the security & safety department evaluated the reports submitted by the honourees in the “Great Catch” based on several criteria, including the impact of the potential medical error on the patient, quick response by the employee, and actions taken to prevent it from occurring in the future.