KFSH&RC Saves a Patient in the Late 60s from the Aortic Explosion Through a Unique Procedure





King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh participated in the Arab Conference of Interventional Radiology held recently in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by performing a procedure that was shown live from the OT of the hospital. A highly qualified medical team applied a new therapeutic method called ACTIVE CONTROL for the first time in the region. A 68-year-old Saudi patient who was suffering from arterial ulcers and aortic aneurysm, which could result in an explosion threatening the patient's life, was given the treatment.


Dr. Faris Al-Omran, Consultant of Vascular Surgery at KFSH&RC-Riyadh explained that vascular & interventional radiology is one of the fast-growing specialties worldwide. The KFSH&RC has been keeping up with this fast growth, with its modern technical capabilities and highly qualified medical staff. The ACTIVE CONTROL is a quality addition to the treatment methods of the hospital. This allows for the treatment of more patients with aneurysms (up to 20%) compared with surgical treatment and with fewer complications associated with abdominal and chest incisions. He further pointed out that the patient's condition required two procedures: the first one was placing surgical shunts and the second one was planting two stents. The entire procedure took 2 hours. The patient is now in good health.


Dr. Al-Omran pointed out that aneurysms usually happen in the abdominal area and are more common among men. They increase with traffic accidents and aging. Similarly, genetic factors and smoking play a role in the prevalence of the disease. He added that the United States has recorded 15,000 deaths a year as a result of an aneurysm.


Dr. Shagran bin Khamis, Consultant Interventional Radiologist at KFSH&RC-Riyadh, said that participation in the Arab Conference of Interventional Radiology in Dubai through a live feed from the OT in the hospital in Riyadh has been widely acclaimed by specialists and reflected the hospital's expertise and dexterity in the field of specialized medical care. It also coincided with another procedure of a similar case shown live in the UAE conference from the US-based Miami hospital.