Adding Allergy thru “Sehaty”




King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre announced the go live of “Adding Allergy” feature, which enables the patients to add and update their allergy information in their medical profiles through the electronic patient portal “Sehaty”.


This new feature allows patients to view and update their allergy information in their medical profiles and participate in the patient care and safety support initiatives. It enables patients to add allergies to their allergy profiles in Sehaty by searching for the drug, food or environmental allergies after they get verified by their health care providers.


Updating the allergy information of both drugs or food and sharing this information through the electronic patient portal “Sehaty” or by any other channel of communicating with the health care providers is important for improving patient safety and reducing the costs associated with treating allergic reactions. Improved communication between patient and healthcare providers will also allow safe prescription of alternative drugs and avoid the risk of dispensing inappropriate medications.


KFSH&RC has launched a number of quality electronic services through SEHATY, KFSH&RC Patient Portal, such as Requesting Medication Refill, appointments management and many more, to make e-health a key factor in the development and provision of health services in accordance with international standards; improve the health services provided to citizens and raise their level of satisfaction.


For more details on how to use this service please follow the steps in the attached document.