King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) holds a recognized position locally, regionally and internationally since it was established in 1975 to provide the highest level of specialized medical treatment within educational, research, and integrated environment. KFSH&RC has adopted advanced strategy based on the best medical practices and technologies, which have led a positive impact on the specialized medical-care services. It has further helped develop and enhance the examination and treatment procedure within the entire hospital of 1549 bed capacity along with a substantial staff strength of 14,650, which includes medical, research, nursing, administrative and technical staff, working together towards a common vision - to take KFSH&RC to global leading position on which the sun never sets. 

  •  King Faisal Specialised Hospital and Research Centre - Jeddah Branch -has earned a reputation for its consistent and systematic progress & development and it is recognized for providing advanced medical technologies, thus reflecting the specialized medical care the institution has always ensured to its patients. 

  • KFNCCC is dedicated to excellence in comprehensive patient care, education and research that leads to control treatment and cure of children with cancer and blood disorders. KFNCCC is recognised by the Government as the National Center for Children’s Cancer.