The Supply Chain Management provides a marked contribution to the achievement of the Hospital Mission by procuring, receiving, and delivering supplies; equipment and services that meet or exceed the quality and safety; and cost-saving standards of our physicians, healthcare providers, and support staff across the system. Our Mission, Vision, core beliefs, and professional Supply Chain Management practice model are the foundations of our everyday driving force towards improving patient care, and to be the Center of Excellence through an integrated supply chain management.

The Supply Chain Management Group consists of:


The Supply Chain Agreements (SCA) is tasked to establish business agreements with the biggest suppliers of pharmaceutical, medical, and general items. The aim is to assist the organization to:

  • Reduce the cost through the freezing of price increase along with combining the purchase of items/materials/services from qualified suppliers over a certain period of time,
  • Save the efforts and time associated with frequent procurement of standard items,
  • Ensure the availability of certain percentage of items/materials needed at suppliers facility, and
  • Enhance the organizations position while negotiating the terms and conditions of the agreements.


Over 28,300 stock items are replenished by this department and ensures continuous availability of stocks through constant monitoring, and expediting the replenishment process with the suppliers.  Wastage avoidance also remains its key function.


The Purchasing Services Department is responsible for the processing of purchase orders and assisting in the implementation of product standardization efforts. The Purchasing Services Department is all about quality, costs, and timing.  The department processes purchase orders that average 1,100 monthly, and assists in the implementation of product standardization efforts.

The Purchasing Services Department comprises four groups 1. Pharmaceutical, 2.Medical and Surgical, 3. Equipment, 4.General supplies, that complement each other in dealing with the voluminous requests for hospital supplies:

Expediting Section

This section follows up on all the requisitions being processed, and makes all the arrangements needed to ensure that the requested supplies arrive on designated times.

The Customer Care Office, a vital part of the department, handles all general inquiries regarding all the services provided by the department.  A one-stop call center has been commissioned operating from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday through Wednesday, and 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays. For assistance, please contact ext.77577 or email:

ROYSPEC Purchasing Services

The ROYSPEC Purchasing Services is the dedicated procurement office of KFSH&RC in the United States, and is aligned under the Supply Chain Management Corporate Division serving both the Riyadh and Jeddah sites.

ROYSPEC is commissioned to procure all medical, paramedical, and pharmaceutical supplies, equipment, and services required for the entire organization.  All materials are delivered to the ROYSPEC facilities to be inspected, received, and consolidated, and are shipped weekly to KFSH&RC via air or sea. As an integral part of KFSH & RC, Royspec is comprised of three main departments, Purchasing, Accounting and Receiving/Shipping departments.

Standardization Section
This Section plays the key role of cleansing, enriching, categorizing, and standardizing product data, which are critical success factors for the effective supply chain management purchasing, analysis, and optimization.

The Standardization Section (jointly with the Purchasing Department) is responsible for ensuring that all the data entered into the Oracle SCM System is accurate and consistent throughout the extended SCM process.  The Section’s Items Master File has over 110,000 clinical and non-clinical items.  The file is categorized according to the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), a global standard for classifying products and services, including medical-surgical items.


Consisting of four Sections: Warehousing & Distribution, Cargo & Receiving, Property Management, and Labor Pool Services, the department ensures that pharmaceutical items, supplies, and equipment are received, stored, and distributed in good condition and in right quantities, by utilizing the latest technology in receiving, storing, and distributing all the requested supplies.

  1. Warehousing/Distribution:

Upon thorough inspection of stock items, this Section receives and stores inspected items at designated hospital warehouses.  The Section also distributes the items to requesting departments and conducts continuous stock rotation through FIFO (first-in-first-out) and FEFO (first-expiry-first-out) methodology to ensure that short-dated items are appropriately taken off the shelves.

  1. Cargo/Receiving

This Section clears all items shipped by sea or air to KFSH&RC in a very timely manner, as most air shipments are either refrigerated or frozen items.  It also receives all items with valid purchase orders, ensuring that the items adhere to the purchase orders and are accepted by the requesting departments.

  1. Property Management

Proper recording and tagging are very important, and this is exactly this Section’s utmost role.  This includes issuance and control of property passes and Hospital-wide arrangement of all disposals, as reviewed and approved by the Property Disposal Committee.  Actual destruction of disposal items is a heavily-monitored process that is overseen by the said committee.

  1. Labor Pool Services

      Provides the manpower and equipment needed for moving, relocating, and storing requirements of hospital departments.


The Medical Store is responsible for the distribution of medical consumable stock items for inpatients (Top-Up) averaging 34,600 monthly requisitions, and issuance of take-home medical supplies for outpatients averaging 2,315 requisitions processed monthly.


Product Evaluation & Standardization Committee (PESC)

The Product Evaluation & Standardization Committee coordinates and approves the evaluation, selection, and standardization of all medical and general supplies being brought for use within the KFSH&RC organization.  The Committee ensures that the products selected are clinically acceptable, cost effective, and most important, safe for patients and staff. The PESC meets periodically to review all requests and decisions made via a consensus and collaborative efforts with all committee members and hospital sites.

Supply Chain Management Process & Staff Development

This Section works on improving systems, processes, and developing human capital, in support of integrating the entire SCM functions.  This Section also plans and coordinates staff and management development programs that are required to make the staff highly-skilled and abreast with the latest best practices for Supply Chain Management. 

Supply Chain Management Systems Support

The KFSH&RC implemented the Oracle® e-Business Suite applications, including Oracle Purchasing, Oracle iSupplier Portal, Oracle iProcurement, Oracle Order Management, Oracle warehouse management, Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications, and Oracle Business Intelligence, to automate the SCM processes, reduce costs, drive efficiency, and to support quality patient care.  It is very critical to manage and support all the SCM information system activities and to provide the support needed in generating reports, solving problems, liaising between SCM and ITA affairs, and ensuring that projects are implemented efficiently.

 Supply Chain Achievement Awarded as a first entity in the Middle East obtains Supply Chain Leader in healthcare sector.


Accreditations & Awards