The cyclotron is the first link and the key factor in the radiopharmaceutical production chain. Consequently, reliability and efficient operation is of paramount importance. This section has the responsibility to ensure that the currently available three cyclotrons (CS-30 with proton energy of 26.7 MeV, RDS Eclipse with proton energy of 11 MeV and IBA Cyclone 30 with proton energy of 30 MeV) are fully functional to increase not only the reliability, but also the capability for manufacturing variety of isotopes. Plans are being developed for the staff to refurbish the 33 year old CS-30 cyclotron in readiness for large volume production of radioisotopes.

The Cyclotron Section staff (basically engineers) has the experience and expertise to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with vacuum, electronic and electromechanical systems. A well-furnished precision machine shop with advanced equipment and facilities for fabricating parts and components supports the maximum up-time of the accelerators, and participates in development activities of not only the Department, but also the Research Centre and the Hospital.


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