Health Outreach Services develops partnerships among key regional institutions for improvements in healthcare by enhancing clinical practice, promoting education and training and standardizing management of specific diseases. Twenty five (25) national referral hospitals and medical centers are participating and benefiting from distinguished healthcare and outreach services of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC). The two sections of Health Outreach Services, the Outreach Support and e-Health Services provide the following outreach services in line with the hospital’s mission and objectives: Regional Health Outreach Centers; Clinical Visits; National Programs; Logistic Support and Diagnostic Visits; Training & Education; Telemedicine and Medical Second Opinion Services.


The department of Health Outreach Services maintains good collaboration with national and international healthcare institutions helping patients access to top class healthcare. It continues to establish international link to develop close and strong relationship with various international institutions for opportunities of interest to the hospital and medical professionals, kingdom-wide, utilizing state of the art telemedicine facilities.


To facilitate, with participating key Ministry of Health (MOH) regional healthcare institutions as "Partners" and utilizing modern telecommunication technology, the delivery of outreach specialized medical services by the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre- Riyadh (KFSH&RC-R), to the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, irrespective of their national geographical location, with such services aimed at enhancing clinical practice, promoting education and training, and standardizing management of specific diseases

RCO – Regional Clinics and Offices

Main Services

  1. Patients Referrals in collaboration with eligibility
  2. Appointments   in collaboration with Call Center      
  3. Medical Reports   
  4. Patient Relations & Supplies
  5. Refill of Medication (KFSH) 
  6. Dispense of Medication (Non KFSH)
  7. Dispense of Formula
  8. Dispense of Supplies
  9. Medical Second Opinion (National and International)
  10. Lab Test (BSTP)

Outreach, Diagnostic, Specialist and Polyclinic Visits:

Outreach Visits: are the visits which the KFSH physicians see the KFSH and NON – KFSH patients in the region, and he can also refer patients to KFSH&RC if they need.

Diagnostic Visits: are the visits which KFSH staff making site visit to concern hospital to evaluate the requested department and put their recommendation and suggestion to improve the department.

Polyclinic Visits: existing to see the regular care patients (who need follow-up after their tertiary treatments (such as regular follow-up, refill medication, laboratory results) (should be booking in ISIC).

Specialist Clinics: are the clinics for sub-specialty physicians to see their own patients in their regions (they should be booking thru ISIC).

Virtual Clinics: they are clinics which can be utilized to see the patients remotely.


Accreditations & Awards