“In pursuit of excellence, we will provide employees and visitors with exceptional housing accommodations and modern recreational facilities. We serve residents efficiently, always treating them as important guests.  We are committed in assigning all housing accommodations on a fair and just basis with thoughtful attention to detail."


The philosophy and vision of Housing Services arises from the need to provide a comfortable, clean, well-maintained and safe accommodation comparable to or better than housing provided by any other Hospitals in the Kingdom in accordance with available resources.

 Housing Facilities

Housing Services manages more than 2,800 fully furnished housing units. They are categorized as family, single female and male housing. There are approximately more than 6,000 employees and dependents occupying them.  The housing types are studio (efficiency), townhouses, flats and villas.  Their sizes vary from one to three-bedroom units.


  • Administration Section: Provides administrative and logistical support to the entire department.
  • Assignments Section:  Assigns housing units to eligible employees of KFSH&RC.
  • Field Operations:  Cleans and prepare units for occupancy and maintain the common area facilities. .  Provides assistance to residents in their move
  • Stores and Warehouse:  Maintain warehouses for furniture, set-up items and provides the basic living needs for those employees eligible for Hospital housing


Accreditations & Awards