The department of Public and Media Affairs-Jeddah is an important links between the Hospital and Community and has successfully established a positive relationship through interaction with various medical and non-medical agencies, both in public and private sectors.

 The Public and Media Affairs-Jeddah, in collaboration with all Hospital departments and scientific committees is organizing awareness / open days which includes activities, lectures, intended for the staffs, patients, public and community inside and outside the Hospital to conduct public health education.  In addition, the department provides support in the coordination and organization of various conferences, symposia and special events throughout the year.


 The Media Affairs Section-Jeddah provides comprehensive media coverage and press releases to all medical, social, international conferences, symposia, inauguration ceremonies, workshops, etc. organized by the Hospital, such press conference is focus on major achievements of the departments as well as the Hospital.

 The section also coordinates the publication of health educational materials for public and patients awareness including brochures, posters, pamphlets, roll up stands, reports, and other medical related materials of the Hospital and manages the Hospital’s Journal “Hams Al Bahr Magazines” whom writers are dignitaries, column writers from daily newspapers and magazines, physicians, staffs and authors from all walks of life.     

 The Public Relations-Jeddah Section arranges meet & greet of new arriving employees, visiting physicians, VIP visitors, conduct Hospital tours, Jeddah City Tour, visitations of large number of students from several schools, institutes and educational agencies etc., also handles the official photography of the Hospital.


Accreditations & Awards