Research Section staff engages in development of new radioisotopes and radiotracers, which are the investigational products that are uniquely designed to probe biochemical and physiological processes at the molecular level for non-invasive assessment of a disease through molecular imaging. As such these compounds hold a great promise in design of new pharmaceuticals derived from advancements in molecular genetics and gene therapy. A well-designed molecule labeled with an appropriate radioisotope has the potential to probe specific biological systems in vivo with minimum perturbation of the whole organism. The staff aims to develop organ-specific radiotracers through hypothesis driven research that entails developing radiolabeling procedures culminating into bioactive molecules tagged with radioisotopes.  Active research projects culminate into several publications and presentations at international conferences.

The latest addition of the micro-PET/CT (small animal imaging modality) will further augment our efforts in improving the molecular imaging section within the research center. With addition of this research imaging tool, the group aims to perform basic and applied molecular imaging and radiotherapy research which will be greatly advanced.


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