Healthcare Information Technology is KFSH&RCs SPInE (Strategic Partner for Innovation & Excellence) 

This implies that Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) should use proved technology solutions to achieve business goals.  It should have a supportive, close and proactive relationship with the business which will position it to challenge requests to meet the businesses objective.


KFSH&RC Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) delivers efficient services to provide its customers with access to the right tools and information through an integrated technology platform.

  • Confidentiality – We respect the confidentiality of our business and clinical data.
  • Transparency – We communicate with honesty about aims decisions, uncertainty and mistakes to continuously improve HIT and maintain KFSH&RC trust.
  • Responsiveness – We strive to deliver our services in the most efficient way to minimize business delays.
  • Accuracy – we address our clients’ problems and needs in a precise manner to meet the business requirements.
  • Availability – We make sure we allocate the right bandwidth to the tasks that best serve KFSH&RC strategy and daily operations.
  • Innovation – We encourage and support creativity to generate ideas for ongoing success.
  • Usability – We deliver services and products that are easy to understand and use by our internal and external clients.
Guiding Principles:

1 – Quality, safety and efficiency of patient care are at the central core of all HIT decisions and we strive for excellence in everything we do.
2 – The role of HIT is that of a strategic business partner whole mission is to enable the business to achieve its goals.
3 – There will be only one corporate HIT department for all of KFSH&RC.
4 – There will be a standard architecture and application suite used for the entire organization.
5 – Any variation from the standards must be supported by a business case which explains why the need cannot or could not be fulfilled following the standards, provides financial and substantive reasoning to justify the need and must then be approved by the steering committee.
6 – The good of the whole organization overrides the needs of the individual or sub-groups.
7 – We believe that cooperative teaming leads to greater results.
8 – There will be one unified system wide data model that assures data integrity, integration and consistent presentation through designing and implementing a new Enterprise Architecture.
9 – We will be continuously exploring innovative and proven technologies to enable KFSH&RC to achieve its goals in becoming a world-leading healthcare provider.


The Healthcare IT mission statement sets the service mandate of the unified HIT organization to deliver its future vision to KFSH&RC.  Seven strategic themes were identified as key to achieving the HIT Mission goals and serving out internal and external clients.

Major Accreditations:

ISO 27001:2013 is an information security standard that was developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.  It is specific to the information security management systems of an organization.  Organizations that meet the standard gain this official certification once they successfully pass an independent and formal audit process.

HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model tracks the adoption of EMR applications within hospitals and health systems.  Hospitals work to complete the 8 stages (0-7), with the goal of reaching Stage 7: an environment where paper charts are no longer used.  This model was developed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society which is a global, cause based organization focused on improving healthcare through the use of information technology. 


Accreditations & Awards