Fiona Haines MCur BCur, RN, ADM

Magnet Program Director
Nursing Affairs



King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah was designated a Magnet® organization on 01 June 2013

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah has made history by being the first hospital in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and the sixth (6th) internationally to be awarded Magnet Designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC). This designation is valid for a four year period, thus for KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-J this would be 2013-2017.The Magnet Recognition Program® ensures that rigorous standards for nursing care delivery are met; is the highest international honor for nursing excellence and serves as the gold standard for nursing practice.

KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah celebrating Magnet Designation achievement


KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah is committed to providing world leading services. Being awarded Magnet designation is in line with this vision, which was led by Dr. Sandy Lovering, Executive Director, Nursing Affairs and supported by Dr. Tariq Linjawi, Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ibrahim Zabani, Executive Director, Medical and Clinical Affairs and His Excellency, Dr. Qasim Al Qasabi, Chief Executive Officer and the organization.

Nursing Affairs began this journey in December 2006 with a strategic vision set to achieve Magnet Designation. Changes to improve the quality of patient, structures to develop a supportive work environment and processes to measure and monitor outcomes for patients, employees and the community were developed.

The Magnet Recognition Program has a four (4) phase process which KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.) completed, making history as the first organization in KSA to do so:

  1. KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.)-J officially began the Journey to Excellence in March 2010 with submission of Magnet application to the ANCC
  2. Magnet Documentation which how we provide healthcare in our organization and demonstrate our excellent patient and staff outcomes were submitted to the ANCC on 29 May 2012 and achieved a score of excellence upon first submission
  3. Magnet Site Visit completed by three appraisers from USA with the aim to validate, verify and amplify the information that we included documents, 28-30 April 2013
  4. Magnet Designation awarded June 2013

What does Magnet Designation mean to KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-J?

Magnet designation is presented to healthcare organizations who demonstrate excellence in patient care delivery, work environment and commitment to partnering with the community to improve healthcare delivery.

The Magnet Recognition Program® focuses on advancing three goals:

  1. Promoting quality of care,
  2. Identifying excellence in the delivery of nursing services to patients, and
  3. Disseminating nursing care best practices

With this designation, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Gen.Org.)-Jeddah Branch joins the Magnet community, an elite group of healthcare professionals providing excellence in patient care.

To learn more about the Magnet Recognition Program, please click the link below.

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