Dr. Estelle Bester, DCur, RN, CPHQ

Program Director
Nursing Practice Quality and Research



The Nursing Practice, Quality & Research Department was established in November 2010 to act as an umbrella for practice related issues, quality activities and research initiatives within Nursing Affairs. Nursing practice is grounded within the principles of best practice to achieve optimal quality data outcomes. Nursing practice change and development takes place within the council structure of our Professional Practice Model (PPM).

KFSH&RC-J, Nursing Affairs become the first international member of the National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI®) in 2007. For the past eight years, KFSH&RC-J has contributed data to the NDNQI® in an effort to accurately capture specific clinical measurement outcomes related to the nursing care we deliver; and to be able to benchmark with over 1900 hospitals internationally. The international benchmark of nursing sensitive indicators provides us with the opportunity to compare our performance, then devise and implement more effective nursing care strategies to improve patient outcomes.

The NDNQI provides nursing with the ability to have unit specific data within our organization. This initiative has provided us with the ability to direct quality improvement projects across Nursing Affairs and even to specific units. In addition, we have indicators that we measure by setting an internal benchmark e.g. hand hygiene and documentation due to no benchmark available at present.



The Staff of Nursing Practice, Quality & Research Department
From left to right: Gabrielle Hutchens, Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator; Najlaa Siddiq, Nursing Quality Analyst; Gillian Sedgewick, Nursing Research Senior Specialist; Estelle Bester, Program Director; Amanda Haverinen, Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator; Veronica Filipinas, Nurse Systems Manager; Sharon McAllister, Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator and Abeer Al Atawi, Computer Applications Nurse




Gillian Sedgewick, MSc, BSc (hon), DPSM, RN, Cert Counselling, RM,

Nursing Research Senior Specialist
Nursing Practice Quality and Research


 Introduction to Nursing Research

Nursing research forms the foundation for improved nursing practice at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Gen.Org.)-Jeddah Nursing Affairs (KFSH&RC-J). Nursing Affairs recognizes that a robust program of nursing research projects and nursing research activities are essential to ensure the provision of the highest quality patient care based on best practice and research findings and the overall advancement of nursing as a profession. 

We are committed to encourage and assist nurses to conduct research as part of their professional development and promote the quality of nursing practice. Nursing Affairs have established an administrative process to guide and direct the submission and approval of all research conducted by nurses. This includes nurses employed within Nursing Affairs, and/or where fieldwork are conducted within Nursing Affairs by external researchers.

Nursing Research Council (NRC)

The Nurse Research Council (NRC) was established in February 2010 as part of the Professional Practice Model.   NRC contributes to facilitate research leading to the expansion of scientific knowledge in nursing through collaboration with Nursing Practice Quality & Research (NPQR) Department and advising NPQR of nursing research priorities. NRC helps to maintain a balance between nursing resources utilized for capacity-building in research i.e. individual nurses conducting research as part of a post-basic degree, multidisciplinary and/or multi-center research studies and clinical nursing research studies leading to enhancement of patient care. NRC further advises NPQR of specific nursing research priorities to advise and direct potential candidates.

The Nurse Research Council, 2015

Facilitation of Nurse Research within KFSH&RC-Jeddah

The GRIP Newsletter ‘Getting Research into Practice’ provides an important interface for Nursing Research in Practice. The GRIP newsletter provides an update on nursing research being developed and most importantly how it can be used in practice; as well as support nursing research as a tool to provide high quality and safe nursing care.

Conducting Research: Our Process

If you would like to conduct nursing research at our hospital, the Principal Investigator (PI) is required to request approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) through submission of the requirements. This is required to obtain the written approval from the Executive Director of Nursing Affairs, before the research proposal is submitted to the hospital IRB.  

The forms and requirements are available from the Research Centre.

Please submit all IRB research applications to Dr. Sandy Lovering, Executive Director of Nursing Affairs via Gillian Sedgewick, Nursing Research Senior Specialist

Nursing Research Completed, 2015  

For further information on Nursing Research at KFSH&RC- Jeddah, please contact us.

Dr. Estelle Bester, Program Director, Nurse Practice, Quality & Research,

Gillian Sedgewick, Nursing Research Senior Specialist, Nursing Practice Quality and Research,


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