Fundamental constituents of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy are the radioactive atoms that are formulated into useful radiopharmaceuticals. RPP Section is responsible for manufacturing these radiopharmaceuticals, not only on time, every time, but also in compliance with the protocols of GMP and ISO 9000 QMS. Manufacturing of sterile injectable products is performed in controlled environment of clean rooms according to the international standards of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Radiopharmacy Practices (GRP). C&RD is the biggest source of radiopharmaceutical products in the region, extending its services to most hospitals in the Kingdom and in some neighboring countries. This allows medical practitioners easy access to short-life radiopharmaceuticals which would otherwise have to be imported at greater cost and inconvenience. Furthermore, the Radiopharmaceuticals Production staff’s activities are geared to introducing 'new' radiopharmaceuticals as required by the clinicians and researchers. The reliability of distribution is the utmost important aspect of short-lived radiopharmaceuticals manufacturing; the RPP Section meets this goal quite reliably.


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