Policy Development is a department under Management and Policy Development Division, headed by a "Head" position reporting to the Director, Management & Policy Development.

The goals of the department are as follows:

  1. Provide timely and reliable professional support and counsel on Hospital Legislative documents including Charter, Bylaws, Operational Manuals, Employee Relations Manual, Administrative Policies and/or Procedures, Internal Policies and Procedures, and all other Legislative documents in line with Government Laws and KFSH&RC strategic priorities
  2. Continuously improve the system of formulating, developing, interpreting, and updating Hospital legislative documents
  3. Ascertain the development of the necessary databases of Legislative Documents to meet the need for quick retrieval and answer to queries regarding policy matters
  4. Assist in linking the Hospital audit system to policies regulations and ethical standards
  5. Ensure that the Organization has well-integrated policies and procedures which contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization
  6. Ascertain access to worthy skills development training programs for department staff
  7. Contribute effectively to the development of training programs for SCDP trainees whose career aim is in policy development

The duties and responsibilities of the department are the following:

  1. Formulation, development, interpretation, and update of hospital-wide policies
  2. Providing consultative and advisory support on all Hospital policy matters
  3. Analysis and evaluation of proposed and existing policies
  4. Design, implementation and maintenance of an integrated “policy system” for the purpose of archival and retrieval of all Hospital legislative documents including Charter, Bylaws, ERM, Operational Manuals, Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs), Internal Policies and Procedures (IPPs), and Policy Statements (PS) etc…)
  5. Monitoring of policy-related issues in the Hospital to ascertain necessity and validity to meet organizational needs and to ensure conformity, efficiency and effectiveness


  • Review and update of Employee Relations Manual
  • Re-activation of a legislative document "Policy Statement" and establishment of its website
  • Review of all issued General Distribution (GD) memoranda and identifies those GDs containing policy statements for conversion to appropriate legislative document
  • Re-design of the processes for the development/revision of administrative policies and/or procedures and corresponding form
  • Development and revision of several administrative policies and/or procedures


Corporate Policy Section
HR Policy Section


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