The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Gen Org) recognizes the changing healthcare market in the country, and in order to ensure the Hospital’s leadership in the healthcare business, the Business Centre was established.

The aim of Business Centre is to advance healthcare and medical research services for the benefit of Saudi Arabia, by making new capabilities and technologies available to a wide customer base.

The Business Centre oversees the KFSH&RC business interests through generation of increasing profits,  without adversely impacting core healthcare or research operations and within good commercial and financial practice by fully utilizing in-house assets.


Develop marketing strategies to promote a wide range of patient related and resource related business development activities and coordinate the implementation at related projects activities designed to generate revenue and support the mission of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Gen. Org) – Riyadh.


  • Establish a systematic approach for the development of the business structure of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre – Riyadh
  • Identify potential business opportunities and undertake required feasibility studies.
  • Develop marketing strategies to advance all approved business activities; and
  • Provide a central focus for the implementation and monitoring of approved business programs.


  • Initiate continuously develop and implement a variety of survey program and feasibility studies to identify current and future national and/or international business opportunities.
  • Establish contacts with private and governmental organizations to promote business program/objectives.
  • Initiate and finalize contracts (in coordination with the Contracts Management Department) and other business documentation required to implement approved business activities.
  • Continuous evaluation of costs and update of medical fee structure (identifying profit margins, as well as establish fee/prices).
  • Develop with concerned hospital departments a quality control and cost containment program to ensure that services provided to contracted patients meet the highest quality of care.


1) Case Management Services:  Follow-up all contracted inpatients’ and outpatients’ treatment plans.

2) Management of medical services contracts for tertiary care provided to patients through their referring institutions.

3) Expansion of KFSH&RC Reference Laboratory services to various healthcare institutions around the Kingdom and Gulf region to include Government Hospitals as well as Private Hospitals and Private Laboratories.


Accreditations & Awards