Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Patients' Bill of Rights

KFSH&RC staff are committed to providing you with excellent medical and nursing care. We believe that outstanding patient care begins with the establishment of a partnership between the patient (and his ot her family) and the staff at KFSH&RC. The following povides you with a list of your riaghts as a patient.

KFSH&RC patients can expect:

  1. To receive compassionate, culturally sensitive and respectful care including appropriate pain management in a clean, safe and friendly environment.
  2. To be cared for by qualified, competent and caring staff.
  3. To be seen by a consultant within 24 hours of admission and on a regular basis thereafter.
  4. To be kept fully informed of diagnosis, treatments plan, possible delay, possible significant complications or side effects and required follow up treatment.
  5. To receive all necessary information to allow an informed consent to be given for any proposed procedure or treatment.
  6. To be able to comment on and discuss the care and services they are receiving.
  7. To seek additional information about the Consultant responsible for their care.
  8. To be informed of the effect on the health of the patient if the patient refuses treatment.
  9. To be assured of privacy and confidentiality with regard to medical and social information.
  10. To be provided with adequate translation services as needed.
  11. To be able to refuse to take part in any proposed research, or to withdraw from a research program at any stage. Such refusal or withdrawal with have no effect on delivery of care to the patient.
  12. To be discharged as recommended by their consultant with appropriate medication, follow up appointment, and required instruction/education for care at home.
  13. To be provided with a copy of their discharge summary orders to facilitate follow-up by their physician or at a local hospital if needed.
  14. To be provided with a documentation of their hospitalization and/or medical evaluation that they may use to obtain a second opinion from entities outside the hospital, if desired without any negative impact on their continuity of Care.
  15. To report any concerns about the safety or quality of care via KFSH&RC reporting channels; Patient Relations Department, Office of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or Office of Chief Operating Officer (COO). In case the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may choose to report your concern via Joint Commission International (JCI) website, email, or mail.


Patients' Responsibilities

In our effort to provide outstanding and quality medical services, all KFSH&RC patients and their sitters shall abide by Hospital's rules and regulations highlighted below:

  • To avoid appointments delay or cancellation, please attend on time, and follow examination instructions and preparations.
  • Comply with inpatient visiting hours and regulations.
  • Comply with safety and security instructions and regulations.
  • Be considerate that medical care priority shall be given according to patients' medical condition.
  • Quietness is required at all hospital facilities.
  • Avoid leaving personal belongings unattended at all hospital facilities.
  • Protect all Hospital medical equipment. You and your sitter shall be held responsible for any damage due to carelessness or misuse.
  • In the event of hospitalization, and if your physician grants you permission to go for a walk within the Hospital, you shall follow your attending nurse's instructions, inform her/him of your destination, and return to your room when asked to do so.
  • In the event of violations of Hospital rules and regulation, you and your sitter shall be held responsible. Any violation committed by your sitter may result in revoking granted permission of escorting.
  • Comply with the no smoking policy at all Hospital facilities.
  • Comply with public morals and ethics with others.
  • If you can't keep your appointments, please contact Patient Contact Center at 920012312, prior to your appointment for rescheduling.
  • For better communication, please update your bio-data at the Registration and Appointments counters or by accessing the KFSH&RC E-services webpage.
  • You shall provide your attending physician with full information pertaining to your health:
  1. Current medical condition and all medications
  2. Illnesses history
  3. Previous hospitalizations or surgeries history
  4. Other information that may be pertinent to your health such as family medical history.
  • You shall report unexpected changes in your medical condition to your attending medical team.
  • You shall follow the instructions of your attending medical team. In the event of treatment refusal, you shall be required to sign a "Patients who Discharge Against Medical Advice Form", where you shall be held responsible for the consequences of such refusal.