Before your Surgery

The Day Surgery Unit is part of the main hospital. The service is available for patients who are admitted for surgeries or procedures and discharged home on the same day. It is also accessible by patients who require hospitalization after the surgery. The objective of the Day Surgery unit is to ensure that patients who undergo minor surgeries can return homes sooner and recover faster. The Day Surgery Unit provides superior health care service to patients while avoiding the inconvenience caused due to their longer stay in the hospital. The patients are kept under observation in the unit between 7 to 9 hours before they are discharged home for recovery. The duration of a patient’s stay in the unit depends on the type of surgery he/she has undergone and the anaesthesia he/she has received. The patients who undergo treatment in the Day Surgery Unit receive the same surgical and nursing care as other hospitalized patients.

Pre-anaesthesia Clinic:
Pre-anaesthesia clinic is part of the main hospital, located in the outpatient clinics building in the third floor.

Patients who are scheduled for surgery in the Day Surgery Unit must visit the pre-anaesthesia clinic for preparation of surgery and a thorough evaluation of their health condition in order to minimize any possible complications that may arise during or after the surgery. Patients will be notified with necessary information about the surgery based on the results of the evaluation.

Cases that need hospitalization before the surgery:

Patients are admitted at least one day prior to their surgery for preparation, which includes:
1. Conducting necessary tests before the surgery.
2. Evaluation by anaesthesiologist in pre-anaesthesia clinic or evaluation by the anaesthesiologist in the patient’s ward where the patient is informed about the kind of anaesthesia and its side effects.

Information and instructions to be followed by the patient before surgery:

  1. Patient must thoroughly read and sign the surgery consent form.
  2. Patient must not eat or drink (nil per os) for at least 6 hours prior to surgery, or as per doctor's instructions.
  3. Patients must follow the instructions of their nurse.

Note: The time of the surgery is subject to change on the day of surgery due to reasons that are out of medical team’s control; such as the doctor may advice that it is essential that the patient need to be evaluated by another consulting doctors from different disciplines based on patient’s health condition during hospitalization.