Patients Relations

The department of patients' relation is a vital link between patients & families and staff and representatives of the hospital. The patients’ relation department works closely with other representatives and staff of the hospital to insure superior medical care is provided to patients and the highest medical standards are set.

The Services:
The following is a summary of services that are provided by patients' relation department:

  • The patients' relation specialist visits inpatients to ensure they have all the necessary information
  • The patients' relation specialists are available in outpatients clinics area or other specific areas.
  • Arranging meetings between inpatients and the representatives of hospital in order to find out about their level of satisfaction with the services and take their suggestions and opinions
  • Providing entertainment services to patients such as newspapers, magazines, and internet access
  • Providing copies of Holy Quran, prayer mats and ablution sand (Tayammum) for hospitalized patients
  • Encouraging patients to express their views and suggestions regarding the services provided by filling the suggestion forms
  • The patients have the right to express their displeasure if they are not satisfied with the service provided.
  • In case the patient is unhappy with the service, he/she has the right to file a written complaint to Patients Relation Division in accordance to the hospital policy.
  • Participating in heath educational campaigns.
  • The patients' relation specialist ensures privacy and confidentiality of all patient related information.

For complaints or suggestions, you can call the patients' relation at the hospital:

For Riyadh:

Head office (31515)
Chief of the department office (27519)
Supervisor office (outpatient) (27632)
Supervisor office (24946)
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the services provided you can call: 011 442 4455

For Jeddah:

The main Office : 68681
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the services provided you can call: 64433