Health Outreach Services

The Health Outreach Services Department provides various health care services across KSA which include:

  • Medication Refill for your convenience: This service allows patients to get their medications (refill) from our office at their place of residence through express mail.
  • Laboratory Specimen Draw up: Patients can draw their laboratory samples and send them to KFSH&RC if possible through express mail companies such as DHL or FedEx for KFSH&RC patients and SDL Company for non-KFSH&RC patients.
  • Medical Reports, Visiting Information and Discharge Summary: This service allows patients to request medical reports, visiting data and discharge summary from our office at their place of residence through express mail.

You can also access medical reports and visiting data through patients’ e-services platform (Sehaty) or Sehaty application by clicking ‘options’ and choosing the feature ‘Hospital Visits’ or ‘Documents’.

  • Appointment Print Service: You can request for printed appointments, whether it is a new appointment or a follow-up appointment, through this service.
  • Polyclinics/Specialized Clinics: You can monitor your health condition at specialized clinics or family medicine clinics in your locality. You can request for this service from the attending doctor in KFSH&RC.
  • Second Opinion: While receiving treatment at the hospital in your locality you can seek second opinion from consultants in KFSH&RC in any discipline.
  • Second Opinion for ICU Patients: You can request for a second opinion from ICU consultants at KFSH&RC at any time for patients admitted in ICU in any other hospital within the Kingdom.