Revenues (Patients Accounts)

The revenues office is located in the lobby of the outpatient clinics floor, with other revenue offices next to the Protocol entrance, and in the north tower. The hospital accepts all modes of payments for its services - cash, credit card, debit card or certified checks.

Kindly note that the working hours of accounts office are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Sunday to Wednesday and from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm on Thursdays.

The Validity of Orders:
The validity of referral orders or sponsor orders depends on the period defined by  the referral entity or the sponsor. The patients will be responsible for extending the referral orders or issuing a new treatment orders upon the expiry of the referral orders or treatment orders, otherwise patients will have to bear the treatment expense.

Deposit upon Admission:
Self-pay patients are requested to make deposits before hospitalization. The deposit amount must cover seven days from the date of admission according to the requested room type. The estimated deposit amount for regular room is 17500 SAR, and for D4 room 35000 SAR.

The room rates vary according to room type:

Normal care Room SAR 1,500 per night
Medium care Room SAR 2,500 per night
Intensive care Room   SAR 6,000 per night
Ward 4 (ward) SAR 5,000 per night


In case you need any financial consultation or if you have any inquiries about the invoice, you may call revenue office (Ext. 27459) for Riyadh and for Jeddah at 66343.