Frquently Asked Questions


1- Can I access the internet Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. Wi-Fi wireless internet access is available throughout the Hospital. Please ask your Healthcare provider about the wireless internet access and the required password. 


2- How can I get my prescription?

Please ask for the Discharge Medication Prescription.

  • Pharmacies in Riyadh:
    • Ambulatory Care Pharmacy - King Abdullah Centre for Oncology & Liver diseases Building – 1st floor
    • Main Ambulatory Pharmacy – Outpatient Building – Basement
    • North Tower Pharmacy – North Tower Building – 1st floor
    • Emergency Pharmacy - Outpatient Building – Basement
    • CCC Pharmacy - King Fahad National Centre for Children's Cancer and Research – 1st floor
  • Pharmacy in Jeddah:
    • Outpatient Pharmacy – 1ST Floor.

Note: Some of the medication may take 2- 5 hours to prepare.


3- How can I reschedule my appointment?

You can take your appointment/s from the inpatient officer. or you can view it through Sehaty App.

Note:  if you have any queries after discharge please contact the Outpatient Department.

Tel: 920012312


4- How can I get a Sick Leave / Statement of Visit?

The sick leave / Statement of visit is only for the patient and the sitter if needed as per the hospital policy. The statement will be given during the admission period and if the patient or the sitter needs more days it should be approved by the primary physician.

You can get your Sick Leave / Statement of Visit from the Medical Report Center or through Sehaty App.


5- How can I get a Medical Report?

If the patient needs a medical report, he/she should ask the primary physician. It will take the Medical Records Services Department from 2 to 3 weeks after the discharge date.

You can get your Medical Report from Medical Report Center or through Sehaty App.

Medical Reports Center Location:

  • Riyadh – Outpatient Building – Basement
  • Jeddah – Utility Building – 1st Floor 

Working Hours: Sunday – Wednesday (8:00 AM – 16:30 PM) – Thursday (8:00 M- 15:30 PM).


6- Who will give education upon discharge?

 Please make sure to get your educational material about specific home care from the healthcare providers.


7- How can you improve the service?

You will be contacted by a specialized team for general evaluation during your stay at the hospital.