H.E. Abdullah Ali Al Melfi

Deputy Minister Of Civil Service

Member, Board of Directors, King Faisal Specialists Hospital & Research Centre (Gen. Org.)



H.E. Adbullah Bin Ali Al-Melfi, who had attained a postgraduate diploma in Social Sciences, joined the Ministry of Civil Service in 1398 AH, where he held several administrative positions until he was appointed by the Royal Decree No. (A/27) dated 29/03/1437 AH as the Deputy Minister of Civil Service.

His Excellency has many participations and developmental duties as he had participated in the Kingdom's Delegation to the Ministerial Meetings of the Chiefs of GCC Central Civil Service Entities and at the Executive Council and General Assembly meetings of the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) since 1421 AH to present.  

His Developmental duties include the preparation of the Second Job Classification Plan of 1402, supervision of the preparation and transition to the Modern Job Classification Plan in Civil Service as adopted by the Ministry as of early 1408 AH, participation in delivery of training lectures at the Institute of Public Administration on Classification of Jobs and supervision of workshops on classification programs, in addition to participation in and supervision of studies on civil service guidelines and regulations.

His Excellency had provided several consultations in the field of job and salary classification to several Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab Maghreb States, as well as to some of the Arab League Organizations. He had been accredited as an expert with the Arab Administrative Development Organization, where he held several workshops for ARADO on job classification and on building the second line of administrative leaderships in the public sector. He also had prepared the "Guidebook on Classification of Public Sector Jobs" assigned thereto by the Arab Administrative Development Organization, in addition to presenting several papers on supply and demand, and various civil service related topics at universities and training centers and institutes.

His Excellency had also participated in several and various committees of the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and in various state agencies; where he was a member of the preparatory committee of the Civil Service Council for (3) years before the dissolution thereof, a member for (6) years of board of directors of the General Organization for Retirement, and a former member of the advisory committee of the Civil Service Journal.

Currently, H.E. is a member of:

  • The Committee for Discussing the Public State Budget concerned in Creation of Senior Positions since 1402 AH to present, and the committees on modifications, decrease and transfer of positions in the country.
  • Member of the Advisory Council of Tourism and Antiquities College at King Saud University.
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Deanship of the University Center for Community Service and continuing Education in both King Saud and Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic universities.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Medical Cities and Specialty Hospitals under the Ministry of Health.
  • Member of the Saudi Health Council.
  • Member of the National Observatory of the Labor Force at the Ministry of Labor.
  • Member of the Higher Council of Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef Counseling and Care Center.