Mr. Saleh Saad Almuhanna

Deputy Minister Of Finance For Financial Affairs And Accounts

Member of the Board of King Faisal Specialist Hospital And Research Centre (General Organization)


Mr. Saleh Bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Muhanna, born in Al Shaqra district in Riyadh Region in 1378 Hijri, received his Undergraduate (Bachelor) degree in Industrial Management Sciences from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and a Graduate (Master) degree in Economics from The Ohio State University in 1414 Hijri. 

He has made his way up in the Saudi Government jobs at the Ministry of Finance from budget assistant, to assistant and head of sector. He then went on to become the Deputy of the Ministry of Finance for Budget Affairs from 1402 - 1433 Hijri, and to a Financial Advisor at the Ministry of Finance. He is currently the Deputy Minister of Finance for Financial Affairs and Accounts.

Mr. Saleh underwent a number of training and practical courses including a course of “Local Development Projects Management” from Connecticut University in 1403 Hijri, “Labour Force Budget” at the Royal Institute in UK in 1406 Hijri, “General Finance” at the International Monitory Fund in 1409 Hijri, “Budgeting in the Public Sector and Holistic Economic Policy” from Harvard University between 1415 – 1418 Hijri, “Infrastructure Financing” from the World Bank in Jordan in 1320 Hijri and “Partnership between Private and Public Sectors” through the United Kingdom’s experience in roads and transportation in 1425Hijri. 

Mr. Saleh has built years of experience in his professional career. He took on positions such as member of the board of some leading companies, banks and sovereign commissions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as member of negotiating team with International Oil Companies in the Natural Gas Initiative during 1420 – 1424 Hijri, Member of the Sovereign Rating Committee for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1421 Hijri, Member of the Scholarship and Training at the Ministry of Finance during 1420 – 1433, Member of the Board of Saudi Moroccan Development Investment for six years since 2000, Member of the Board of Arab Bank Limited and Member of its Risk Committee, Member of the Board of Saudi Electricity company since 2009, Member of the General Organisation of Civil Aviation since 2012, Member of the Board of Saudi Health Council and Member of the Board of King Faisal Specialist Hospital (General Organisation).