Hamoud Almatrafi, Md

Consultant Of Urology And Andrology

Thuriah Medical Center


He is the first one who start micro dissection TESE in Saudi Arabia in 2003.
He is one of the most expert in this field till now he did more than 1600 until now


Graduated from college of medicine King Faisal university in Dammam 1982


1994 obtained Canadian board in urology from Dalhousie university, Halifax – Canada, He did a fellowship in male infertility and Erectile Dysfunction from the same university
Early 1996 came back from Canada and start as a consultant in urology in king Abdulaziz airbase hospital in Dhahran
2002 move to king Fahd National Guard hospital in Riyadh
2003 Start male infertility unit
Assigned as program director of residency training program from 2003 to 2011.
Member of Scientific Comity of urology in the Saudi council.
Head Division of urology in king Fahd guard hospital till he move to Thuriah Medical Center In Sep 2011


Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction