As the preeminent Medical and Life Sciences facility in the region, the Research Centre provides a scientific environment of the highest standard that each day advances the clinical practice of tomorrow. Priorities in research include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, environmental health, infectious diseases, stem cell therapy and genetics where we have a legitimate claim to world leadership in the investigation of rare diseases.

The Research Centre has some of the best scientists and practitioners in their field working with a young, skilled and experienced technical team collectively encompassing more than 300 researchers.They are fortunate to be supported with cutting edge technologies that often surpass that of more renowned centres around the world. The combination of staff, technology and placement within one of the largest and best medical centres in the world provides an ideal opportunity to undertake medical and life sciences research in a broad field as evidenced by some 15 departments, centres and programs.

The Research Centre undertakes collaborative research with some of the best institutes internationally, regionally and nationally. Research programs result in more than 300 publications each year that whilst clearly leading regionally and nationally, also surpasses the world average in terms of impact, as evidenced by an excellent citation record.

Being embedded as a core capacity within a large medical facility also shapes day-to-day activities and contributes significantly to improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities at KFSH&RC in areas including nuclear medicine and imaging, radiation medicine, molecular genetics and other advanced laboratory diagnostics. In addition the Research Centre plays a prominent role in training and education programs ranging from the life sciences to advanced clinical skills including surgical techniques. Importantly, all programs are run under the highest ethical standards practiced anywhere in the world.

A Word from the Executive Director

Together Towards Excellence

Research is the main pillar of all healthcare systems. At KFSHRC, we know that improved quality of life is a direct consequence of the advancement in science and medicine made by dedicated research scientists and clinicians working hand-in-hand to build on our knowledge and experience and to solve the biological puzzles of human diseases. That’s why KFSHRC empowers and supports research and researchers to continue to be leaders in excellence not only within the region but also worldwide. To this end, the Research Centre’s goals have moved beyond the initial aim of offering nuclear medicine for treating cancer patients to the objectives of providing world-class biological research and establishing a biotechnology base that benefits the Kingdom, in line with Vision 2030. The Research Centre aims to be a hub for talented professionals, providing them with the means to collectively pursue their creative ideas using the latest technologies.

The Research Centre is home to more than 15 departments, programs, and centers contributing cutting-edge innovations in oncology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, environmental health, infectious diseases, stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, nuclear medicine, and radiation and performing a world renowned leadership role in genetic, hereditary, and rare diseases research. The Research Centre has significantly shaped and advanced the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities at the hospital in nuclear medicine and imaging, radiation medicine, molecular genetics, and other laboratory diagnostics. The combination of outstanding staff, high-level technology, and partnership with some of the largest and highest-ranking medical centers in the world enables a broad array of medical and life sciences research. As a result, more than 400 research articles are published every year by our scientists and clinicians, leading regional and national numbers and surpassing the world average in terms of impact, as evidenced by an excellent citation record.

Dr. Ali S. Alzahrani

Executive Director




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