The Biomedical Physics Department was established in 1985 with three sections. It has now eight sections and

more than 50 professional staff members. The Department's mission is to seek, apply and disseminate concepts

and methods for the effective and safe use of radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, and

to continue improving and expanding such use through clinical research activities.

High-quality clinical physics services are provided by a pool of expert biomedical physics staff most of whom

are board-certified by international certification boards such as the American Board of Radiology (ABR). The

pool of experts is matched with state-of-the-Art technologies such as TomoTherapy, CyberKnife,

TrueBeam, Mobetron, Nucletron HDR, IntraBeam Intraoperative Radiotherapy system, conventional and digital

PET/CT systems and several high end CT and MRI systems here at KFSH&RC. This comonation enables the

Hospital provide clinical services that are of a high standard that is well recognized nationally and


Through the Biomedical Physics Department, KFSH&RC is designated as an IAEA Collaborating Centre in the

region. The Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory of the Biomedical Physics Department was also

recently designated as an IAEA Regional Resource Centre. The Radiation Physics Section has successfully

met the requirements of the IAEA QUATRO accreditation and KFSH&RC became an IAEA ‘Centre of

Competence. In addition, the radiation physics and nuclear medicine physics residency programs at the

Biomedical Physics Centre are recognized and supported by the IAEA.

The department offers a number of radiation physics services that are utilized by a great number of internal/

external clients. Some of the offered services include; radiation physics consultation, personal dosimetry,

quality control of diagnostic and therapeutic systems, gamma irradiation, calibration, and training course.

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Programs, Courses and workshops:


The Biomedical Physics Department provides a series of educational activities including conferences,

symposiums, courses, and workshops that aims at raising the standard of healthcare practitioners in the field

of radiation medicine in the Kingdom. Some of the provided educational activities include but not limited to;


1. The International Conference on Radiation Medicine (ICRM)

2. The Radiation Medicine Symposium and Workshops

3. Medical Radiation Safety Officer Training Course

4. Radiation safety Training for Nurses/technologists

5. Radiation/Diagnostic Physics lectures to residents and fellows

6. MRI Safety

7. Abstracts/posters presentations in local, regional, and international conferences.

8. Presenting lectures in academic teaching and seminars locally and internationally.

9. Training and supervising MSc and PhD students and summer students

10. Conducting national training programs in association with the IAEA

11. Residency program in Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine Physics which is supported by the IAEA