The Department of Comparative Medicine (CMD) plays an instrumental role in supporting ongoing research and training at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center by providing quality animal models and veterinary medical care. The CMD offers arrays of advanced technical and research expertise in animal modeling to elucidate animal and human diseases mechanism.  The multinational CMD staff is constituted of veterinarians, scientists, nurses and technicians.



Research Activities 

  • Establishment of Organ Transplant Research Section.
  • Establishment of Laboratory Animal Facilities Environmental Screening procedure.
  • Development of Brain Stroke Animal Model.
  • Establishment of Laparoscopy Training Center.
  • Provision of the Comparative Clinical Pathology laboratory.
  • Provision of Immunohistochemistry Service.
  • Establishment of Genotyping core facility to maintain genetically engineered animal models.
  • Initiating POC Genetically Modified Animal production and Cryopreservation Services.

The Comparative Medicine Department is an interdisciplinary group of faculty veterinarians, scientists, nurses and technicians who provide and develop animal models to improve human and animal health by research and training.



  • Comparative Functional Genomics.
  • Comparative Pathology and Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Experimental Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging.
  • Laboratory Animal Services.
  • Organ Transplant Research.