Molecular Biomedicine Program



The objective of the Molecular Bio-Medicine Program is to investigate mechanisms of diseases and develop necessary tools with potential translational outcome in therapy or in medical biotechnology. The program currently focuses on a medically important family of genes associated with regulating mRNA stability and translation which are perturbed as a result of a disease. The program has a unique and internationally known research platform which is applicable to the study of several chronic disease conditions including inflammatory, infectious, and cancer states.



Research Activities                                            


  • Post-transcriptional control of gene expression: screening of drug-like compounds and modulation in cancer cells.
  • Post-transcriptional host response to intracellular bacterial pathogens.
  • The AU-rich interactome in cancer.
  • The effect of cytokinome on interferon response.



  • Interferons and Cytokines
  • Disease System Biology
  • Translational Biotechnology