National Biotechnology Center



The National Policy for Science and Technology, approved by the Council of Ministers in 1423 H (2002 G), defined 15 programs for localization and development of strategic technologies that are essential for the Kingdom’s future development. The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) was given responsibility for developing 5-year strategic and implementation plans for these technologies programs. In addition, KACST facilitated strategic planning in key applied technology areas that draw upon fundamental and applied research and their impact on human lives.

The National Biotechnology Centre (NBC) is a joint effort between KACST and KFSH&RC. The NBC’s main activity is to enhance and develop scientific and medical research and biotechnology. In addition, one of the major interests is to translate research discoveries into viable industries through Bioincubators and Spinoffs. To date, there have been 110 approved projects and 67 are still ongoing.


Research Activities 

NBC coordinates with all parties involved in the research projects. It serves as the liaison office between Maarifah (KACST) and different departments at KFSH&RC to help the principal investigators (PI’s) in the following areas:                                                   

  • Proposal submission, approval and funding of the project
  • Project Processing:
    • procurement of required supplies and equipment
    • Recruitment and payroll for project personnel
    • Reimbursement of travel and conference expenses
    • Publication fees and other payments
  • Submission of project reports and documents required by Maarifah (KACST).